mercredi 16 octobre 2013

From Pentecost to St Hedwiga of Poland, 2013 (English Nederlandsch Español)

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1) Bonam Festam Pentecostes 2) In festo Corporis Christi 3) Bonne fête de la Nativité de la Sainte Vierge Marie 4) Happy Feast of St Michael Archangel 5) Craze for Poverty

1) 42 - the Answer 2) Tim O'Neill, my Favourite Atheist next to God and Autumn Lauber 3) Reza Aslan could have saved his useless trouble, if he had read my essay 4) On Hearing of the Accident of a Train to Santiago through FB Status of a Spanish Friend 5) Second Solar Miracle of OT, confirmed by Egyptians

1) Newman, Thompson, Antichrist 2) From the Web, with my Comment 3) ascii code gematria 4) Bergoglio, you are not my Pope and I am not yours ! 5) Habemusne Papam? Like someone qui sibi nomen imposuit Alexander? 6) Semble que Alexandre IX contredit le catéchisme de Pape St Pie X 7) III, Q 68, AA 1-2 (Latine, English)

1) Marie Talleu : English & français : link/lien 2) I am fond of Jews but oh, it's funny when they loose (their game, not their innocent lives or legitimate property) 3) Who is forcing you, Netanyahu? 4) What Rob Skiba still lacks in understanding of the Scriptures (link) 5) Maybe Jonathan Pollard has a Point 6) I was told Mark Steyn wrote better than me ... 7) Bohemianism and the Seven Arts?

1) Liberty 2) I do not agree with religious liberty in all cases for all religions 3) Sabotage?

1) Praise Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, they are not Calvinist 2) Some Say I Should Not Listen to Hovind (or read anything from Watchtower Society) 3) Was God Preparing Job for Judgement Day? Was Job proud?

Op Nederlandsch

Voor die traditionele opvatting van wiskunde

En Castellano

Padre Pío y el Milagro de la Madre del Sacerdote Víctor Tudor

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