dimanche 26 mai 2013

42 - the Answer

Any reader of HHGG - which is spelled out as Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy - knows that 42 is the answer to "life the universe and everything". Now, funny thing, the Bible agrees. The man who was nailed to a Cross nearly two thousand years before HHGG is set to begin is certainly all that, and he is as certainly 42, more precisely, 42:nd descendant of Abraham (14 from Abraham to King David, 14 from King David to the Babylonian captivity and another 14 from Babylonian captivity to Jesus Christ).

Now, the extra-funny thing is, I am not at all sure Douglas Adams ever knew the Bible agreed, or if he ever cared if he was told. You see, I come from reading the prologue. It seems that Dawkins' book The God Delusion is a kind of plagiarism of Oolan Colluphid whom Douglas Adams seems to have held in some admiration.* It seems that there was a girl who came up with a better idea how to fix things, without having to nail anyone anywhere. But a disaster happened before she could reach the phone booth, so it was never made known.

Never mind that celebrating Holy Mass in a worthy manner is fixing things without nailing Christ to the Cross again, since it makes present the sacrifice he already carried out back on Calvary. No extra nailing required, it's sinning after grace that is extra nailing.

Never mind that the ones who think we should search for other ideas than Christianity have a knack of nailing Christ to the Cross again, in his members.

Have a look at Paris, will you, if you don't believe me:

25-05-2013 La Manif pour Tous - 1

Now, the point is, Douglas Adams was not very likely to mean Christ when he said 42, but Christ is anyway 42 - 42:nd from Abraham. And still, he wrote it.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
BpI, Georges Pompidou
Holy Trinity Sunday

*Oolan Colluphid's trilogy against God is however as inaccessible as the Quenya translation of Tom Sawyer. Or more, insofar as works are being translated into Quenya. So Christians who want a good laugh must make do with such a talented comedian as Dawkins, Oolan Colluphid being quite inaccessible, so far.

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