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Next, don't assume that just because someone knows a bit of theology, he's going to be a priest. One of the things I love about Franciscan is that there, being a theology major does not equate to priestly or religious discernment in people's minds. So the next time someone demonstrates that he has a clue about theology, don't automatically cart him off to the seminary. It's annoying and, personally, I feel that it's counterintuitive.

Source: How NOT to Encourage Vocations

He did not mean to write for anyone else. He incidentally wrote for me. I mean, any nun, priest, monk, organised charity volunteer et c. who wonders if I don't "have a vocation" (under their breath: "to a consecrated chastity type of life") for a moment makes me curse both the person and even God. If not openly, in my heart. It makes me for a moment want to apostatise from charity and even hope so I could kill that someone without bothering about Hell.

I have a clue about theology - does NOT mean I must live like St Francis whom we celebrate today.

I live on the streets - does NOT mean I have consecrated myself to following that august example.*

I am not married (writing this in 2012, as said on St Francis of Assisi's day) - does NOT mean I want that to continue.

It was never the custom of the Latin Church, and possibly not of Uniates either, to force a man who was no monk in any proper sense of the word to become one.

And no, taking more traditional stances on certain questions than others does not equal being more devout. It may mean being more concerned with orthodoxy, it may mean being orthodox when they are not, but it does not mean I have to become a priest or religious because the evolutionists and heliocentrics I consider as being wrong are such. Item when I insist that beggars* can be given alms without almsgiver despising them or trying to change them,merely because they are begging.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
Bibliothèque Audoux, Paris
St Francis of Assisi's Day
4th October Y o o L: mmxij

*See also: Misunderstanding Begging (Some Cultural History of, Blog Theme Obliging) and This Beggar

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