dimanche 26 mai 2013

Tim O'Neill, my Favourite Atheist next to God and Autumn Lauber

When was God "atheist"? On the Cross. Who is Autumn Lauber? I girl I like, as yet atheist (hoping to change that, of course). And who is Tim O'Neill? A man who wrote this:

His last point in the quote above is more evidence of his lack of understanding of the period he's working so hard to distort and then condemn. There certainly were regular condemnations of curiositas amongst monks. In his ignorance of the period and because of his distorting Whiggish prejudices, Greenblatt has decided this means "intellectual curiosity" and claims this means they may have copied the works he likes so much, but they can't have actually thought about them or discussed them as this was forbidden. In fact, the word refers to curiosity about others, gossip and idle chatter - something probably common in small enclosed communities of celibate men - and had nothing to do with intellectual curiosity.

I mean, after I have been condemned by Trad Catholics for curiositas in cases when I was strictly minding my own intellectual business of intellectual curiosity, this is balm to my soul and conscience.

OK, where did he write that?


Armarium Magnum : The Swerve: How the World Became Modern by Stephen Greenblatt

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