mercredi 15 mai 2013

Romeikes are no Killers, Klebold was no Homeschooler

If I can ask a man considered by many, indeed by most, as the Pope, if he deals in death, it is because of collaboration with people doing so more directly.

The Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals today upheld the Obama Administration’s denial of asylum granted to the Romeike family.

The Romeikes fled Germany in 2008 when they were subjected to criminal prosecution for homeschooling.


So, Germany is still upholding the Nazi legislation from 1938, and the Obama administration is less kind to people fleeing that, than the Roosevelt administration was to Jews fleeing Germany.

Meanwhile, antidepressants and forced attendance at public school (since homeschooling though legal is still rare in the US and since none of the school shooters so far was a homeschooler while, I recently heard statistics, all the major ones were under antidepressants) are together with Evolutionist doctrines fuelling college killings like Columbine High School.

Whether it was Cassie or someone else close by who "said yes", the fact remains that the question was put by an atheist and a shooter, Klebold or his buddy.

Who had, obviously, not been homeschooled.

By contrast, in Idaho there was a boy who had been homeschooled, who held his father's gun, who pointed it at police, and who shot no one. He saved his family from being broken up, since the police were not there on order of justice, but on order of child welfare.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
University Library of
Nanterre / Paris X
St Jean-Baptiste de la Salle

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