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I do not agree with religious liberty in all cases for all religions

For instance, if Albigensians were to return with group sex, mercy killing, abortion, homosexuality, I am not a great admirer of the foresight of those framing First Amendment or not at all an admirer of their foresight. Same thing goes for Baal worship or what I have heard about the rites of Skull and Bones or of Bohemian Grove.

I think there are countries with higher religious standards than as to allow prayer meetings based on heresy. Catholic Spain was historically one of them, US never was nor is.

What I read about the threats to religious liberty in US is not about enforcing through Inquisition Lateran IV against Albigensians or Trent against Calvinists, I think it would even be foolish today to try that in US. What I have read is about raiding prayer meetings at home. Not for being Protestant, but for not being registered with the state.

When Catholic Church is highly infiltrated with un-Catholic clergy, even Holy Mass may have to survive as prayer meetings at home. As was the case in England during the Penal Laws.

Here are two links I got through a letter about this issue:

Protect Religious Liberty Directive to:
My U.S. Senators and Representative

I do not have an US Senator or Representative, I live in Paris. France, not Texas if you want to know the details. But I have this blog which is also read in US among other countries. Here is the other link, to the source of the letter:

Public Advocate of the United States

I have not yet seen any attempt on the part of US authorities to hawk down on Bohemian Grove or on Skull and Bones as they did on a few cases, according to what Eugene Delgadio told me in the letter:

Dear Hans-Georg,

“Knock, knock.”

You look out your window and standing at your front door are a dozen police officers there to hand-cuff you and whisk you off to jail.

Your crime?

You host daily prayer meetings with friends and family members at your home.

And for not seeking government "permission," you're sentenced to 60 days in jail, given three years probation and face over $12,000 in fines.

A nightmare for God-fearing folks like you and me, the scenario I just described to you already happened in Phoenix, Arizona to Michael Salman.

Salman, a committed husband and a father of six, had his home raided by 12 police officers and was taken to jail for hosting daily prayer meetings without first asking the government for "permission."

A certain Spaniard or actually Basque (but that is a Spaniard even if it is not a Castilian), a homeless guy, was arrested on similar grounds, by the Spanish Inquisition. He was tried three times, suspected of being an Alumbrado. Do you know what the Inquisitors told him the third time? He must pay fines? He must spend time? No.

"You can't go on giving advice about venial and mortal sins, even if God guides you, unless you have a Theological education. Go and study for priesthood if you like!"

He did. He is known to history as St Ignatius of Loyola.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
Library of Delbo, Paris
St Pantaleone, Physician and
Martyr at Nicomedia

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