jeudi 4 juillet 2013


A pleasant sensation - and even better: reality - of not being a slave. An ideal sought in connexion with the Declaration of Independence. A place in a town neighbouring Paris. Actually it is Liberté, and it is in Les Lilas (The Lilacs). It is also a place in another town, Charenton.

And yes, there and once back in Georges Pompidou I had a very pleasant Fourth of July. In part thanks to very friendly Arabs. I am not U S American, I know there are problems in US that make some of its citizens more prone to fast than to feast today, but I like the US and so do those citizens, some of which are friends of mine. So I appreciated the gesture.

On the feasting side, it is Queen of Portugal, Saint Isabel of Aragon, canonised by Pope Urban VIII today.

I wrote a bit about Nephelim and St Christopher, and of course, U S Citizens are more often on the reading side for that than say the French or Swedes. So, today might have been appropriate./HGL

Two Philological Questions connected to fallen angels (OK, a few more as I went on)

And thanking US for defending internet liberties:

US and Cyber Freedom

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