samedi 17 août 2013

On Hearing of the Accident of a Train to Santiago through FB Status of a Spanish Friend

It may interest you to know two things:

  • 1) on the way to Santiago, I prayed God for death or marriage soon, within a year
  • 2) I did not die within a year, but John Paul II did
  • 3) a village which was not exactly encouraging for my projects to feed my future family, or even totally for my personal freedom, I heard more death knolls than marriage bells, also 2005
  • 4) now 78 die close to Santiago, news come out Day of St James ...

Do you not think God might want to tell certain Catholics something about how this pilgrim to Saint James has been blocked from making a living on his writing and blocked from making a living on his musical composition, and blocked from marrying before livelihood is decided?

Pass on to King of Spain, any of the claimants, will you!

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