samedi 29 juin 2013

I am fond of Jews but oh, it's funny when they loose (their game, not their innocent lives or legitimate property)

What game? Well, the one Joe Biden praised "them" for as well as certain financial ones. When did Joe Biden praise them? Well, back here:

Biden Praises Jews, Goes Too Far, Accidentally Thrills Anti-Semites
By Jonathan Chait

The quote in the title is from G K CHesterton, a man whom I thoroughly endorse. He was talking about the Marconi scandal. The parenthesis in title has been added not to provoke misunderstandings due to years up to 1945 and all that.

I might add, that when Rob Skiba identifies one of the Antichrists as Hitler, I think Trotski would have been a better choice. He was so bloody and anti-Christian (guess what prejudice from what nationality) that Stalin and Chruschev look like relief beside him. But Hitler was bad too, kind of.*

Hans-Georg Lundahl
BpI, Georges Pompidou
Sts Peter and Paul

*Not on every occasion, though. Helping to beat his Spanish lookalike Azaña was not bad. I prefer Franco to him and Carlism to Franco though.

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  1. Rob Skiba makes a point of the fact that the Pergamon Altar of Zeus, arguably heinous idolatry (Pergamon was founded by Telephos, son of Hercules and thus reputed grandson of Zeus, and Hercules was arguably possessed since he killed his wife and children), was in Berlin at the launching of WW-I and WW-II, but so was it when the train of Lenin passed through Berlin (some have claimed the train stopped and was opened), and part of the time when East Germany was tyrannising its own (Museumsinsel is in former East Berlin). Part of the time too, parts of the altar were sent to what was then called Leningrad.