lundi 5 novembre 2012

The Plot Thickens ...

Sir George Darwin corrected Galileo on Tides
F = GMm / R2
The Plot Thickens ...
"'The high tide,' King Alfred said...
... 'The High Tide and the Turn.' "
Correction to Previous
For Math Freaks: I take it the gravitational constant is below zero ...
Some Experimental Challenges

From Newton I had the formula F[orce]=G[ravitational constant]*M[ass of greater body]*m[ass of lesser body] / R[adius]2 or F=G*M*m / R2 - via the video I consulted. Then I made some calculations in the comments.

For medium distances of Sun and Moon from earth I consulted wikipedia. Then I found Sun was 497.8 times as far away as Moon. I counted wrong, but I have so far not seen any correction in my email.*

I found that the masses should relate as Sun being 247,804.84 times as massive as the Moon.

And when I looked up the masses on wikipedia, I found the sun was > 2.700.000 times as massive as the Moon. Meaning that according to that formula the Sun ought to have a ten times stronger influence of gravitation on the Earth.

But when I let the calculator check, I get 27,073,635.49748197 times. If this is right, one paradox of Modern World viex disappears and it is so far vindicated. Note that Sungenis would imply that the math is exactly the same for the Geocentric system he presents.

Was I hypnotised to get it wrong (without knowing it?) or just cursed?

Hans-Georg Lundahl
Georges Pompidou
St Sylvia
(Congratulations on namesday
to the Swedish Queen!)

*There I had simply not used the half major axes of either ellipse, when I did I got the result given in the book I have before me: 389 times as far away.

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