samedi 17 novembre 2012

For Rajdeep of CNN-IBN, about the Church

Women want greater control over their body. And the Church appears to be behind the times rather than moving with the times.

[source, just after 10:00]

Rajdeep, you seem to be so upset that I will only give a very basic review of very relevant ecclesiology.

God created the Church. Specifically for it not to move with the times.

God had given the very first men a true tradition. Later it was lost except among separated individuals except for the one people of the Hebrews. Mahabharata may tell a true story about what happened before the flood, and the Pandavas and Kauravas who were cousins may well be descendants of the Cainite line, since the last we read of it in Genesis is about two brothers. A generation later you would have cousins, like the warring factions in the Mahabharata.

But even if you remembered details of what the best descendants of Noah wanted to forget, you forgot about the flood soon after such events. And the flood was important to remember, because it means God punishes sin and wickedness. So, once upon a time only Hebrews as a people retained the tradition of truth.

And about 2000 years ago, Hebrews were loosing the tradition too, due to errors in doctrine and in morals, errors of Pharisees and errors of Sadducees. That was when God give life to the Church as he died on a cross executed as a criminal by a humanity that no longer recalled what God had told Adam and Eve.

He made the Church a medicine against moving with the times. A medicine against loosing the true tradition.

So, if you want the Church to "move with the times" you are asking it to betray its divine mission, you are asking it to not be itself. That and no less is what you are asking.

You are asking it for the sake of women wanting to control their bodies, but what control over her body had an aborted fœtus, aborted by Hindoo parents because she is not the boy they want?

What control are you yourself giving adults over their bodies when you are asking married couples to have no more than two children?

You are asking what is unacceptable for the Church to grant, and you are doing so in the name of a "cause" you are hurting far more often than just one woman who died because of an abortion denied.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
BpI, Georges Pompidou, Paris
St Gregory the Thaumaturge

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