samedi 29 septembre 2012

What I heard from a pal about his youth - and his views

He thinks gay couples or lesbian couples should be able to marry if they were really serious. He is wrong since the comment implies that couples going to marry should be tested for "real seriousness", which is of course one more reason why "gay marriage" would destroy other peoples' chances to marry.

Why does he think that? Even if he is wrong, it is good to know how he came to be wrong.

Well, he got a nice view of them when he was in an orphanage for some years. How come he was in an orphanage? He was a punker and it only showed in his haircut, he still got to the orphanage. That is what he told me at least.

Now, supposing this to be true: who did worse against him, the homos who were nice in the orphanage or the social workers who put him there among them? And supposing this not to be true, why would he lie to me about that?

Hans-Georg Lundahl
Paris, a Cyber
St Michael's Mass
29th of September
YooL 2012

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