jeudi 27 septembre 2012

Index III, English

This index is linked to from the page Index Indicum where you find the other ones as well.

Pascha 2012 - 29/IX/2012

1) Why do Some Christian People Find my Geocentric View of the Universe Heterodox? 2) And Ibn Baz changed his mind for that ... 3) Contra Consolmagno - as Cited by the Scotsman 4) Sumne uitandus an non? (quod quidem latine scripsi) 5) My Differences with Modern Catholicism 6) DICI, Zuhlsdorf and My Five Cents 7) What's In a Natural Law? 8 Considering Newton … Gravely 9) Why is Galileo Not an Accurate Thinker? 10) Law and Theory in Science 11) Accusing without accusing, punishing without judging, is that not slander and lies?

1) Apologies to Justin Bieber 2) Three Generations of Fantasy 3) Were Video Games or Treatment His Death?

1) Can Mott Marry? 2) Me contra Torell contra Springmeier = Me defending Springmeier 3) Two wrongs do not make a right 4) It is Good Not to be One-Eyed, TFP!

1) Calligraphy basics (link) 2) Subsets of the English Index of Index I of previous blog 3) Why the Guestbook Spam? Possible Explanation 4) Subsets of the Index indicum of this blog.

1) That Quote Was Not So Hyperdox ... Herman 2) Russia and Natural Law

Note that when I wrote "What's in a Natural Law?" I used modern scientific usage of the phrase, like Mendel's Laws, and that "Russia and Natural Law" refers to a quite distinct concept, the eteral law applied as fitting for human nature as by the Ten Commandments: that is how St Thomas Aquinas used the phrase./HGL

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