vendredi 21 octobre 2011

When in a foreign city with your child ...

... whether you are otherwise homeschooling it or not, you are basically homeschooling it then. Your use of foreign languages - to us Europeans that often means English! - will be of more or less use to your children depending on how you do it.

Now, let us say they want you to read out in your own language a sign, let us say you start reading and translating orally, the language of the sign is lost for your child for the moment.

But let your child copy it, and take up a dictionary when back in hotel, and you will be giving your child a language lesson too, but this procedure is of course depending on the urgency of the immediate curiosity.

Some signs will have to be translated on spot because the sight on site is simply intriguing and your child wants to know what it means./HGL

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