mercredi 19 octobre 2011

Tips for very basic homeschooling

Spelling: make a table of every extant* combination of two letters.

a) For each combination you can give pronunciations.
Aa=ah "as in father" as in Aaron,
ab=æb, as in nab, eyb as in babe ...,
ac excepting ch=æk as in act, eys as in ace ...
up to az, then go on to ba...

b) For the two letter shapes, you can give the exercise of writing them together.

Mathematics: 0 is no number. Numbers are multiples of one.
Roman numerals are very fine for learning basic arithmetic.

I, II, III, IIII, V, VI, VII, VIII, VIIII, X ... you may train the child to use right hand fingers except thumb for Is, right hand thumb for V, left hand fingers except thumb for Xs and left hand thumb for L:



Same goes for Xs and L, Cs and D and D+D=M./HGL

*Extant. Does not include for instance "bk" except for Abkhasian or "bz" or "kb" except for an Arab word.

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  1. Finding out which letter combinations are extant might take you a tour aroung the Dictionary. Some do not exist in the beginning of English words, and I have nearly named "ng", there is also "tz" ("Blitz", "klutz" ...) - I made a count for Swedish giving some 300 combinations. Write them on paper slips and do let the child pick up slips like in a lottery before asking what letters, how to pronounce, what examples and start writing.