mardi 15 janvier 2013

Michele Bachman needs my advice?

Can she get hold of it?

She sent me a survey. I sent her a mail asking if foreigners could take it too or it was just for US voters.

I got a probably automatic thank you message but also a mail delivery failed message "quota exceeded".

Today I got another message from her:

Hans-Georg -- I sent you the below email last week, and I'm concerned that I haven't heard back from you.

I''ve created an important survey that contains critical questions about our future, and I need to hear from you right away.

Your candid feedback will help keep me firmly rooted in the ideas, opinions and wisdom of men and women like you as I fight to enact our pro-America, constitutional agenda in Congress.

Please follow this link to take the survey right now.

God bless,

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So I decided that settles it. Even if I am a foreigner I shall click to take the survey.

I did click to take it, but one must, to take it, fill in a residence: Armed Forces, Diplomacy, or State or DC.

I am certainly abroad, but as certainly neither in US Armed Forces or in US Diplomacy. And even at the Vatican I would not like to represent Obama. At least unless he withdraws the parts of new medicare financement that are objectionable and heavily so on Catholic conscience, and unless he withdraws his support from the - on top of it anti-black - murderous practise of abortion, in his case including partial birth abortion. Besides there is a question of his birth certificate ... so no, I am not in US Diplomacy either.

Now, is that a diplomatic way of putting it or not?

So, I could not fill in the survey. So I tried to contact Bachman with a letter by email:

I take up survey and find there is no slot for foreigners.

I am a foreigner. A Swedish Citizen residing in France.

If you want my advice, it is pro-life: against abortion's legality, against its funding, against gay marriage ... and for teenage marriage remaining legal or rebecoming legal where it is not. I am against Clinton because in 95 he said it should become impossible for a twelve year old girl to marry to get out of school - even if when a twelve year old girl does that, it is because school is prison and no advancement to her. And even if traditionally twelve year old girls and fourteen your old boys are considered mature enough to marry, at least with parental consent.

Then it is for educational and scientific freedom: for homeschoolers, academic freedom for Sungenis and other Geocentrics, and for obviously Young Earth Creationists.

Thank you for your kind interest, and God Bless!

Hans-Georg Lundahl

Now, guess what two automatic messages come to my inbox? One is an automated thank you message - and another an automated Mail Delivery Failure message, her mail quota is exceeded. That is one of the things I do not like about internet: when some programme like mail quotas or some administrator like forum moderators refuses to let people make contact. So, I wonder if Madame Michele Bachman will ever get my advice. Her mail quota is likely to stay exceeded for some while.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
BU Nanterre
St Maur OSB (yes, the direct disciple of St Bennet)

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