samedi 5 janvier 2013

What about Christians Persecuting Atheists? Should Christians Feel Guilt about them?

I am not for private persecutions of any group. In most places of the Western world, I am not for public persecution of atheists, much less of heretic Christians or of New Age people, even by a perfectly Catholic Régime, because there are so many atheists and because trying to persecute them out of atheism would simply lead to war, and also because many of them are not baptised and are therefore not breaking baptismal vows by being atheists.

In some states over the world I could identify with forcing atheists to move away and leave the country alone, but not sure it would make any difference while internet is around. And if it doesn't help defeating atheist errors, why bother to persecute atheist people?

However, atheism should be beaten, in debate, among not just populations, but also legislators.

Atheists are not just suffering persecution, others of them are inflicting it.

One complained about a religious gang at school. Well, if a lot of adolescents sharing same or closely similar beliefs are attending school along with some minority which does not, risks are they will form a gang. Sometimes even a minority can form a gang. Muslims have formed gangs in some French schools. In Malmö - a very secularised city in Sweden, I mean Malmö is to Jönköping as Los Angeles is to South Carolina - Evolution believers, some possibly atheists but in majority Theist Evolutionists formed a gang to intimidate me, who was a Creationist and a Medievalist (that is where comparisons with Inquisition can come in: they were dealing with apostates and with minorities, sometimes violent and physically harmful ones, like Albigensians). Gang leader or apparent such was asked by class teacher why they did it. "We are just helping him to adapt".

In another place, a village - to relate to Mike and Gene - I decided not to reveal I was for Franco (the Spanish Caudillo) in the Spanish War, after a subprincipal in the school hiring me told there were many veterans from International Volunteers from the other side who were now old. Very soon I was accused of supporting, not Franco, but Hitler, whom I absolutely do not support as a politician (at least after the Beer Hall Putsch), and what a pity he did not remain a painter!

In the same village I was afterwards put in a mental hospital for wanting to either marry or in some other honest sense win a certain girl or go to a monastery. That arrested my life totally. And I am getting surrounded by atheists among the homeless in Paris who offer me basically (but not saying it in so many words) to reason me out of religious delusions, but no chance of a decent and open internet debate with them. They want my blogs to remain secret. As if I "in my right mind" would not have written such things.

That is like the years since 1996 that people like that have ruined for me. People caring "for my best interests" but not exactly defining these as I do. A large portion of them atheists.

So, if you want to give atheists like Gene and Mike a break, absolutely do so. If you want to leave that school girl alone or let her be homeschooled by atheist parents (as atheists in Malmö refused to let ma who was a Christian homeschool me), go ahead! But feel no guilt of being Christian rather than atheist!

Hans-Georg Lundahl
Bpi Georges Pompidou
St Edward

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