vendredi 5 octobre 2012

Seven quick takes


I made a typo, like Sven instead of Seven.


Sometimes what I say comes out as rhetoric for something else - even if I am not saying that other thing. I am Catholic, I am also loosely Maurassian style Monarchist-to-Fascist. Yesterday I posted a page about my difficulties with LIVING my faith and some Magician (or some priest excommunicating me or otherwise despising me) made sure I had an opportunity to write about the Ersatz creed to which Charles Maurras subscribed: Positivism.*


Wishing people would be more logical and take my words more as what they logically mean instead of as hints at something else.


Romans had Multiplication tables as V by V. All there was needed. Same as for addition tables. Zeros are not needed for correct maths, but they have a certain function in speeding calculations up a bit.


I am not a comics or manga illustrator, for the obvious reason that I cannot draw.


I am not a musician performing my own compositions, because I cannot play an instrument. I think however if I possessed a guitar or recorder in a few months I would be up to level for one or two of the simpler ones on my musicalia blog.**


I just asked if Stellar Aberration had been observed from Mars. That might have proved, if not the "Heliocentric theory", at least the alternative between "Heliocentrism" as now seen and Tychonian astronomy as updated to include fixed stars in what orbits the sun. So might Stellar Parallax as observed from Mars, but that observation has as far as official sources are concerned NOT been made. As to my recent question, I have not yet received an answer. A more strictly Tychonian astronomy is still optically possible, as to the state of my knowledge, (and of course it is physically possible to anyone believing in God and angels, only Q is if current space travel can be costrued as possible within such framework).***

*What I wrote yesterday and what I wrote today, two links:
A very relevant quote from the wusti blog

Ceci n'est pas la Vierge avec l'Enfant Jésus


***Creationism and Geocentrism are sometimes used as metaphors for "outdated because disproven inexact science" [read comments' section too, all are mine and redactional Post Scripta]

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