mercredi 29 août 2012

Why the Guestbook Spam? Possible Explanation

My Guestbook at 13:20, 23 h and 20 minutes or so after last clean up
108 entries, of which very many are clear spam (medical, commercial, maybe porn, tips about how to write better or about making my blogs accessible to paying viewers only ....)

A certain "rabgluttga" returned II times only (!!!!!!!!!!!).

Here we will see if spammers were possibly trying to hide something:

My Guestbook at 13:32, after cleanup.
14 entries, last two directed at two girls from Poland I met in a park, subject being the story of a married (as in heterosexually married) man who identifies as a homosexual otherwise. The only thing I am proning when it comes to homosexuals having a right to marry. Of course they have a right to be celibate too. There is no such thing as a right to sodomy. And the guy who married a gal and got three daughters happily knew that. Links about him in last two entries.

If you want to write an entry, please make it better than the spam I have had! Like about things you would want me to write about on my blogs, or arguments you have against my positions (any of them, not just this one) or for them if I have not already thought of them, and so forth ....

Hans-Georg Lundahl
Bibliothèque Parmentier
St John's Decapitation
29th of August 2012

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  1. Yesterday at 13:10 (c.) I tried to post this comment not using profile but name and url:

    rabgluttgatk II times (twice) again:

    Before clean up

    After clean up

    29842 visitors yesterday, slightly over 30.000 today > 158 visitors in roughly 24 h.

  2. Unbe - f*** - lievable!

    Yestarday, monday, I cleaned away more than 500 spam entries. Today I find another 453 entries, most of which are no doubt spam.

    Here is before cleanup:

    Someone is being paid for spamming my guestbook, obviously! Several ones, around the clock!

    It has not been done by automated computer spamming, my GB needs a verification to accept entry.

    I am down on 280 entries, and the ten last are from 3:15 - 3:49 this extremely early morning.

  3. And while I was cleaning up about eleven o'clock I was still getting more. I had to leave precincts before making any webcite of cleanup. A few hours later, 15:20, 109 spam entries have accumulated:

    Before clean up:

    After clean up:

    Note 31621 visitors, more than 1600 views in less than six days.