dimanche 12 août 2012

Russia and Natural Law

Muslim Sect Leader Kept Kids in Bunker for Decade, Russia Says

At least three cult members also face criminal charges for parental negligence, she said. Twenty children were in the sect, including 12 of pre-school age, and will be kept away from their parents while authorities decide whether to put them into foster care, according to the prosecutor’s office. The children were denied medical care and schooling, Petrova said.

First of all, it is not quite correct to categorise as children everyone under 18. A girl ceases to be whatever "little school girl" is in Russian and becomes a Dyevushka at age 12 according to a Russian grammar from before the Revolution (the word stem Dyeva being rich in diminutives the chapter on diminutives was exemplified by those of Dyeva). Presumably the Czars did not expect boys to wait until eiighteen either before being able to marry. And therein they were quite at one with the Popes of Rome and the Kings of Spain for comparable periods.

But second of all, even with those who are children, once it is assured they will not be kept under ground for another day, once their eyes have got used to daylight, should be returned to any parent not facing criminal charges.

One does not need to be a prophet to realise that state crimes against the natural law, God will not let it go on forever. Either Christian states cease committing the crimes of Communism or they will cease to exist, sooner or later.

According to Pope Leo XIII Christ granted Satan one Century. The one from 1903 to 2003. It is finished. Christ must have the Christian nations back either by conversion of statesmen or by ... Apocalypse ch. XIX. I am not that eager for Harmageddon as not to want states to take the other road and be Christian once again.

Living under ground certainly must have had its bad sides, but being placed in foster homes because one's parents followed a man who was claiming to know what man cannot know, the day and hour of the Day of Judgement, is hardly any better.

In the German Süddeutsche Zeitung I read that one child welfare agent claimed for no children being returned to parents before a long therapy. Being subjected to a long therapy or having one's parents subjected to it, is hardly any better either.

It is against the natural law, against the law which "God has written in the hearts of the Gentiles". It is as much against the natural law as Islamic Slave Hunt and Turkish Janissary Recruitment have been for Centuries.

And that means one need not even be Christian to realise this is wrong.

If any "Orthodox" here cites a certain Romanides as saying that there is no natural law after the sin of the first parents, I say Romanides was not Orthodox, but a Calvinist Heretic, when it came to the "T" of the Calvinist "TULIP", "T" meaning "Total corruption" in the Five Points of the Calvinist Heresy.

And I claim the Calvinist Heresy was not only condemned by Trent and by Roman Catholics, but also by Jerusalem and Iasi and thus by Eastern Orthodox.

There is a natural law, even after the fall, even though without grace it is impossible for a man to completely follow it. But as for officials in a Christian state, they have no excuse for not being in a state of grace. Are there no priests they can confess to? Have they no Liturgy where they can receive Communion?

And thus, if Russia wants to be Christian, it must cease things not only un-Christian but even un-natural, as the Communist God-denyers did between 1917 and 1990.

I do not claim to be a prophet, only to be a man and a Christian. And to realise that the natural law is compulsory just as much for governments as for individuals. It was good to give the children and adolescents back the light of day, even though the men believed they had to stay in a bunker under ground. It would not be good to torment families even because parents tormented their offspring along with themselves.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
Georges Pompidou Library
11th Sunday after Pentecost
Memory of St Clare of Assisi

PS: On some Saturdays I take my breakfast with other homeless at a table of the hospitality of the St Stephen's Church on the Hill of Paris (St Étienne du Mont), and one morning I was complaining about similar illdeeds in Sweden. One Bulgarian asked why I thought Monarchy would make things any better. But I had not spoken of Monarchy that morning. However, one reason why monarchy just might make things better is that it leaves less room for parlamentarians wanting to pose as wellinformed and enlightened to shine with new so called progressive legislation, like the legislations allowing so many states officials to take away so many children or even adolescents from their parents.

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