samedi 4 août 2012

It is Good Not to be One-Eyed, TFP!

TFP: Is There a Good Liberation Theology?

In order to answer this question, in their article:
a) they quote one liberation theologer (Gutierrez, a prominent one) as not good and do not ask if there are any others (like as asking if Gilbert Keith Chesterton and Luigi Sturzo were possibly good "liberation theologians" in a broader, non-Gutierran sense),
b) there reason for condemning him is in the end that he shares Karl Marx' definition of the injustice of Capitalism (as if for instance José Antonio had not lauded Karl Marx' analysis of the wrongs of Capitalism, only differring about the proper solution to that wrong),
c) when they - quite rightly - say that only the truth sets free and that one should be faithful to the traditional magisterium, and defiant of novelties, in their own words:

At this time of extreme confusion, let us remain faithful to the faith of our fathers, rather than run after lying novelties,

they still watch out only in one direction, against the left. I have never seen them criticise the modern state for being too interfering in the lives of the poor (unless it be for Malthusian purposes, they are that faithful to the magisterium, thank God) or Capitalism for using illicit methods of gain, unjust to those paying interest on money loans, unjust to consumers paying too much or getting a product of very doubtful health benefits (such as aspartame leading to brain decay or vaccinations leading to autism or neuroleptics used for torture in mental hospitals) or of employees having if not too little pay in the West at least having too many hours and too much interference even before becoming employees.

Even the tools of Marxist tyrannies seem not to inspire their horror when such can be taken from that use and be reused - with little difference - by the Christian right they want to set up.

I also want to see a Christian state. I also want less taxes and among other things less paid (or nothing paid) on tax money for birth control, abortion and a few more. But I also want fewer poor children (or none at all) taken away from their real parents and be given to rich foster homes supposedly more responsible , and that area is one in which I see in the right too little horror at wasting tax money on tyranny. I also want fewer beggars chased away from where they are begging (none at all would be utopic, some places can be overloaded, some beggars can be hard to bear with), and hence a little less paid to police doing that task and a little less paid to security doing that task. And I do not see TFP or their French counterparts writing against these malpractises, wasting tax money and bothering people not having the power of the state. I joined a group for the establishment of the Social Kingdom of Christ in America. The group administrator seems to think or to have thunk that it would be licit to take away children from the Muslim minority and raise them in Catholic schools. "Otherwise" leaving parental authority intact. I can say with pride that he got heat from me and with gladness that he got some heat and no support from other group members on that one.

The Corporative solution says "harmony between the classes", not simply Capitalist domination over Proletarians. It is against class struggle such as the leftist proposition of making a classless society by confiscating all private property and putting it in the hands of "all", but it is equally opposed, at least in the theoretic speeches made by some (like Mussolini, like Perón, like José Antonio) to mere domination of the Capitalist class over the working class, whether rural or industrial. Some advances from politicians close to Capitalist interests are such as would leave workers with, not only on Marxist theory, but first and foremost on the theory of harmony between the classes, with today a right to just defense.

It is being said that such and such a car producer is closing down in Aulnay in order to produce in China. But although the theory of confiscation of private property because of inequality has not found favour with the Church, the theory of protectionism at frontiers in order to protect production within the country from unfair competition from cheaper and indeed underpaid workers abroad has not found disfavour with the Church. Nor has the theory of working collectives using their savings to buy what belonged to employers who already want to sell. If the management of - is it Peugeot? - no longer wants to employ the thousand workers in Aulnay, it can no longer complain if they use their know-how to make a new co-operative workers owned car factory on the site previously owned by Peugeot. That is not as if the Marxists had confiscated and socialised their property, it is a question of buying what Peugeot anyway wants to sell.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
Mouffetard, Paris
St Jean-Marie Vianney
(bonne fête M. LePen!)

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