mercredi 14 mars 2012

This is not a writing company.

I got this in my guestbook:

Royalessays dot com

When selecting a company to assist you with your written assignment, particular care must be taken. All too often students are lulled into purchasing papers from fraudulent or second-rate writing companies and end up regretting it when they get their graded paper back. ....

If you take one of my essays, you will very probably regret it whan getting your paper back. My offer is not for anyone to print out an essay of mine and exchange the signature for his own. Nor has it ever been. If some of my readers should do so, in many areas they would be the laughing stock of the class.

I say that with some pride. I am not politically correct. I am probably not considered academically correct. Though I am not sloppy with evidence. Except attributions.

If you do want to make use of my essays for your own in class, use the honest way: say that you read so and so, quote with measure, or if you want to give a detailed refutation of any, give quote after quote interspersed with your comments, and link to my essay or - if yours is not online - provide your professor with a short url from the essay url.

I have never, ever offered anyone to make his writing assignment for him, nor will I. I hate the modern school system, but not what is still honest about it. And I try to keep my essays sufficiently well known so that your professor or teachor or instructor shall be perfectly able to spot plagiarism from me.

Not meaning there were many areas where my essays did not reflect views that would hardly make your grades better to express and might make them a good deal worse. Now, I did state I detest aspects of the modern school systems, didn't I? But not the requirement that you write your essays, and I wright mine. Same applies to music students and my compositions. I have on musicalia given good instructions if you want for the writing of Viennese Classical style, but you write your pieces, mine are public.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
St Mathilda, 14-III-2012

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