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Honesty of Megacom

07.03.2012 12:07, hgl ... пишет:



> Message du 07/03/12 à 11h54
> De : "Megacom Support Team"
> A : hgl ...
> Copie à :
> Objet : Re: Is Andriy Ivashchenko the spammer - or just the spammers' internet provider?

> Hello,

> We've blocked mentioned IP address and notified our customer who owns this IP.

> Thank you.

14.03.2012 17:23, hgl... пишет:
He had a few others.

14/03/12 à 18h22 megacom ...


Please provide us detailed list of IP addresses with server logs to prove that that posts were placed by our customer.

14/03/12 à 18h29 hgl...

Starting from here:
on Feb 12 I made a comment leading to:
Then go backwards from that webcitation:
and you can go on ...
This was a bit before Andriy Ivashchenko, but Agnes Jouaneau was very active back then

New webcitation of recent spam with IP and time stamps:

> Message du 14/03/12 à 20h13
> De : "Megacom Support Team"
> A : hgl...
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> Objet : Re: Update

> Hello,

> Please, stop using Andriy Ivashchenko's name. He is only the RIPE DB maintainer for our network and he has not any connection to your problem.

> We still did not get any server logs from you, only pieces of qoutes of some kind.

> Also, plese try to provide us your reports in English since that we do not have any person which knows French.

16/03/12 à 14h54 hgl ...

Would server logs be the kind of things the owner of the computers I use has access to? I do not use own computers, it is not "my computer" that is being abused but my guestbook on the internet.

I gave what time signatures I could from the settings of my guestbook where the spam was written. The settings provide me with date, time, window for content, window for RIPE search and I provided every RIPE search through the webcite, since the original spam I have deleted.

I think that was clear enough as proof. If you have some good will to solve my problem.

> Message du 17/03/12 à 14h22
> De : "Megacom Support Team"
> A : hgl...
> Copie à :
> Objet : Re: Update

> Hello,

> Mentioned server access logs can be retained by your request from your hosting provider support.
> JFYI: we've blocked IP for couple of other similar abuses and notified our customer

same date 17:54

do not have any hosting provider support as I own no computer.

Every computer I use for my blogs (and therefore also GB) is from either internet cafés or libraries or charities. Very seldom a private person lending me his computer.

But if IP is down, that is one good thing.

Thank you very much!

de : "Megacom Support Team"
A : hgl...
date : 17/03/12 à 18h03
objet : Re: Update


You're welcome.

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