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I am a Seminarian. - You are Not a Christian.

I do not know if he is or not. But what he wrote suggests he is not a Christian but a Bultmannite. At least as much as St Jerome once was not a Christian but a Ciceronian:

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@hglundahl There is much evidence to suggest that the four Gospels were not written by the traditional authors, please keep in mind i am a seminarian. and i am not sure why the Qur'an would be brought up here but Scholars theorize that the Qur'an was written after Mohammed met with Aryan heretics who had been exiled from Christian society. The Aryan heresy taught much of the same beliefs that Islam does. Not meaning to start a religious flame war however just thought i would jump in lol

He needs to read Fernseeds and Elephants. It is true that St Thomas used as a principle in sua arte omni credendum est artifici, but a mathematician or a cobbler have better claims to know about matrices or shoe lasts than Bultmann would have to know better than St Irenæus who wrote the Gospels. Purely epistemologically, once again, do read Fernseeds and Elephants.

It is an essay by C. S. Lewis, in which the simile that sums up the argument and gave the title is "they claim to see fernseeds in the dark and cannot see an elephant in broad daylight." Chesterton had made that point more than once, and I will make that point too.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
St Edward the Confessor's Day
Jan. 5th, YooL 2012

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