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Were the German Voters in the Thirties Guilty of the Holocaust by Voting in Favour of it?

Dr Kreeft* seemed to suggest it some year ago, when giving a parallel he thought might be shocking to the vote where one party was pro-abortion:

If you were a German in the thirties and someone thought "well Hitler has improved the economy a lot and unemployment is down and he invented Autobahns and Volkswagens and he's a good man, but of course there is this little thing about the Holocaust, but you know, you can't be a one issue voter."

Let us check dates:

Reichstagswahlen in der Zeit des Nationalsozialismus

März 1933 | November 1933 | 1936 | 1938

That means there was as yet no Holocaust on Jews going on or being collectively planned when the Germans last voted for Parliament before 1945. And up to 1940 the solution was not yet the Final Solution, it was first "let's give them a few lessons so they learn they cannot be parasites" (that includes the Kristallnacht) and then (but that was after the last vote for parliament) "let's send them to some other country".

German voters as such were pretty innocent about the Holocaust. Unlike US voters for the Abortion party.

Unlike French voters for the abortion parties (all except Front National and Alliance Royale and Nouvelle Solidarité which is the French branch of Lyndon LaRouche movement), and especially this last presidential election in 2012, those voting the Parti Socialiste and a few others promising to bring on Gay Marriage.

They were even innocent about Euthanasia except possibly that of genetically diseased children in 1939, namely if Nazis had made that a promise in 1938, but they were not innocent about ABORTION in case of percisely hereditary disease. Since 1935 it was legalised.

They were not innocent about the sterilisation law of 1933 against hereditary diseases - any more than Canada was innocent about sterilisation laws against Amerindians and Esquimaux in certain states.

And of course such as opposed themselves to these policies were innocent as well. When Euthanasia of adults set in it was opposed by some Catholic clergy:

It can be added that Clemens August von Galen had written a work called The Plague of Laicism/Secularism (Die Pest des Laizismus) and Baumann included in his letter an appeal first to the Fifth Commandment and only then to Humanity.

The Evangelische Kirche (not to be confused with Evangelicals, please, they are an Ecumenic and Modernist body from former Calvinists and Lutherans joining hands) was less opposed, but some were so:

Judges** opposed to Euthanasia:

  • Lothar Kreyssig

    Now, to set our eyes a bit outside Germany, but not outside the Germanies, there was also Austria.

    In Austria, the régime from 1933 to 1938 had two opponents, both opposition parties illegal (as Communists had been since a political assassination). This régime was Catholic. It was opposed to Hitler for things like Sterilisation and such.

    One prominent Nazi opponent against them was from the Protestant part of Austria. In or after 1938 he became the expert on the Gipsy question.***

    So, guess why I prefer Austria to Germany and Catholics to Protestants and Austrofascists to Nazis.

    But some people in some places are not even aware of these distinctions.

    And some think I ought to prefer Jews. Now, Ashkenazi rabbis in the Zionist State seem to have been approving of Eugenic Abortion in the case of Tay Sachs disease. This is the degree of guilt German voters had. But more important, they are still rejecting - since 2000 years - the real Messiah. And Catholics are accepting him. At least insofar as they are Catholic ... something that Modernism is threatening. Along with the Pestilence of Secularism.

    Hans-Georg Lundahl
    Bpi, Georges Pompidou
    Vigil of St Andrew Apostle

    *This video at 0:54:31, at the Q & A session. He was not quite prepared and had no time to check facts about this one. Otherwise it is an excellent video about his conversion.

    **Judges? Only one.

    ***Tobias Portschy, no English article on wiki. Hier der deutsche Artikel.
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