samedi 2 mars 2013

I usually do not thank spammers ...

... but this morning I do.

On an old blog of mine, which was dishonestly disconnected while I was in Aix en Provence behind my back, the last post is this:

un jacobite : Notes from a Common-place Book: Situation Hopeless, But Not Serious

First it only contained the link to that other blog with this message, that I will link to, but then I added one of these personality tests to it. So here is the post I linked to then and link to now again:

Notes from a Common-place Book : Situation Hopeless, But Not Serious

A quote from it will do:

As is always the case in the Jew vs. Muslim saga, the local Christians get caught in the crossfire. I wonder if the American evangelicals rooting so strongly for the Israeli offensive believe that the substantial Lebanese Christian community is somehow immune from these attacks? I really wonder if they even know they are there.

Now, what has this to do with thanking a spammer? Well, one such tried to spam the post, his spam was caught in a spam trap but was still sent to me as a comment on the post on my old disconnected blog, and therefore I revisited the blog.

Obviously, I am neither an Apologist for Radical Islam nor for Islam at all. But that does not imply I feel a need to distance myself from Radical Islam on every point. I do not feel a need to be Zionist because Radical Islam is Anti-Zionist. I do not feel a need to support Theistic Evolution because Radical Islam is - or is painted as being - Young Earth Creationist. I do not feel a need to take sides in the Jew vs Muslim saga when I really feel for those caught in the crossfire. I e Christians with Apostolic Succession, and, in the case of Maronites, Union with Rome.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
Nanterre - Paris X
Sts Jovinus and Basileus, Martyrs

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