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Open Questions to Rick Ross Center

Quote: Characteristic 3 (of destructive cults) : The use of a coordinated program of persuasion, which is called thought reform [or more commonly, 'brainwashing'"].

  • a) What is the difference between that and the kind of deprogramming: "Deprogramming--that is, providing members with information about the cult and showing them how their own decision-making power had been taken away from them." (--Margaret Singer, Ph.D. psychologist author of "Cults in Our Midst") that you were condemned for in the Scott case?

  • b) Have you been involved in any kind of deprogramming in my case?

    • 1) I have at times been shut up in mental hospital, could that be due to you? To your "expertise"?

    • 2) I have much more often been confronted with atrocity charges against the Catholic Church - I am Catholic and Traditionalist - lates Jasenovac as accusation against Stepinac, exaggerated propositions about Inquisition, as well as attacks on Catholic Theology on clearly confessional grounds. Since you represented Jews in the start of your carreer (why was your grandmother in the caring home in the first place - you are not homeless nor were you then, why did you not receive her?) and find Satanists benign as cults go, could it just be something about your view of Catholicism spilling over in your attitude to one Trad Catholic blogger?

    • 3) Here is the "clou": at same time, I have been isolated from Catholics, from possibilities to marry into St Nicolas du Chardonnet parish. Of course, it may be the parish priest just hates me, but then it might be he is misinformed or under orders from police acting on recommendation from shrinks - have you any knowledge of this?

I have been exposed also to intimidation from unknown people on account of begging on street with poster of the url to this blog, latest time yesterday. Like by people not wanting my positions to be known or generally unwilling to let begging happen. Or wanting to "help me realise" that I "am wasting my life", when actuelly it is they who waste it by blocking people from using my material (essays or compositions) according to the uses I specified, some of whom might very well if so have been sending me some money for what I help them to. Not all men are dishonest.

Have you by any chance any connexion to people thinking of me as "obliged according to his faith/cultist brainwashing" to abstain from taking money or founding a family? Because, I am not, and if you have connexions with people acting like that over here in Paris, I would like to know.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
Bibliothèque Audoux, Paris
St Dorothy, Virgin, Martyr

Update, Monday after Quadragesima:

Yes, I know, this is after below update, but it is also closer to previous subject:

a) Ma contacted me. She has basically been brainwashed to believe herself mentally ill in a severe way and that she destroyed me and that I was saved by social services at age 14, by getting to a boarding school. The reverse is the case.

b) That presumably means that ill news about me and ill intentions for my so called good have had the stamp of her verbal approval.

c) I regard that about as if I had had a relative who was an anti-Communist hero who, when showing the face after years of captivity regards himself as a "poor sucking former agent of imperialist fascism" because he has been brainwashed to it.

This confirms there is a real intent to change my way of thinking and not to let me go until that goal has been reached. Will God help me against those crooks or will they continue to mistreat my life? Continued below.

Update, Quinquagesima Sunday:

Some days are really like if some network had decided long in advance to make vexations abound for me. To deprogram me from my religion? Look at this and jusdge yourselves:

Saturday, yesterday now. The morning up to nine-o-clockish was fairly good. I had only been woken up in the middle of the night and been asked to take another staircase, and succeeded in refusing and got a sandwich and a banana to eat before going to sleep again.

Close by there was an association, Unis Vers Cités, where I got a tea, and when leaving an orange and a coke.

Before leaving, I gave the hostess of the day for that association's work, and her associate, a coloured gentleman, my board with two of my blogs marked on it, this one and Φιλoλóγικα/Philologica, and that might have triggered what happened the rest of the day. Some coloured gentlemen are not just antiracialist in general from principle, but "antiracist" in the more political sense, and suspicious of white rightwing authors. Maybe he too? I don't know.

In the University Library, I first went down into the toilets of the basement to change to some of my newly washed, since the things I wore were stinking. When I came out, there was a coloured man, I will not call him gentleman, who was making gestures at me like as if he were pointing a gun at me (he did not have one, but the gesture is a bit unpleasant anyway) and he aksed me in a very rough voice not to speak to him. Ever. I was so flabberghasted I did not reply until he was leaving ... anyway, he was another homeless man whom I had not seen often over there, and who I do not feel all that confident he is using the books in the shelves. If he is, it is not in the Greek and Latin lang and lit shelves.

I wondered (in my mind, we were not talking and I couldn't ask him) if he was Ethiopian, if he was blaming the atrocities during February - October or November 1937, those committed by Viceroy Graziani, on Fascism in general. I feel that unfair, and I resent the turn to racialism that Fascism took with Carta della Razza in 1938 - possibly due to Graziani. I feel it even more unfair if he were to believe Avro Manhattan's lies and blame both Graziani and Mussolini in Ethiopia on the Vatican. But, that is what some Ethiopians do. Not that they are stupid or something, they have just been living under Communist Dictatorship for long and got used to some of the lies, as if they were self evident truth.

I did not get as far with Walter Leaf's chapter "Coming of the Achaeans" as I had wanted.

When on the way back to Paris, one Arab came to take the seat next to me. He was talking Arabic in the cell phone. I found it disturbing he took the place next to me, since cell phones in general and Arabic not being my favourite language added on to my suspicion (I might just have been tired of course) that he sat next to me to test my reaction to see if I was a racist.

I went out from Georges Pompidou Library to get some yoghurt - natural, not sweetstuff. One group I asked for money were blacks. I asked them for the eleven cents left before I could pay four yoghurt. One girl among them asked me "you won't use it for beer, will you?" I left the group, got one euro from someone else, went in. She begged me to come back and take money from them and giggled when I refused and went in anyway. When I went out from the shop the group was standing inside and watching what I had bought, although I had not recieved a penny from them.

Then I wrote an article on Φιλoλóγικα/Philologica, not against any race, if possibly in one small part against the Muslim religion, but mainly against Modernism. Fair enough, that is not a chore, but: when I tried to burn the url for that message on o-x, the blog had become "link not valid" for that url burner. I began suspecting the black gentleman at Unis Vers Cités. Again. So I used petitlien as url burner instead, or if I recall correctly.

Could the manager of that first url burner, o-x, have been alerted that the links were somehow "racist"?

I listened to one concert, three talented pupils of Paris Conservatory. First one lightly coloured gentleman sat down on a chair behind me, then I moved my chair and bags, then he moved on closer to me. Then I felt, again, as I were being tested if I showed a racist reaction - and that during a concert of music. I took another chair further back. Another gentleman of black colour sat down. Next to me, with some space between. I turned my head so as not to look at him, because this was getting ridiculous. He left before the concert was over. An Arab came from somewhere and leaned on the compartments between the seats over the table where I was. I gave him one of these looks, he went. And before the concert was over, the lightly coloured gentleman left the concert too.

Three men who had just attended the concert to see if I reacted as a racist? That at least is my suspicion, if they had liked the music why didn't they stay?

Now, after the concert I quickly tore apart one paper into four parts, one part was with the portrait of two of the conservatory pupils, the other three with the written link - one for each of the three. I clapped hands, then tore the paper, neatly in the folds, then clapped hands again.

When the three left the stage, I left my seat, wanted to hand them the three slips of paper with my musical site. One of the personnel of the Library interposed herself verymuch as if protecting the three against a madman, and as I saw she had managed to get the girls from the Conservatory flustered - unless they had been tipped off about me beforehand and were flustered about simply seeing me, of course, I felt it was no use to try any more.

Of course the Library is not exactly supporting my success as a writer and composer by such interpositions. Just maybe they thought (or pretended to think) that I was trying to give the recent article against Modernism to the three girls, even so the attitude was too much of "we personnel are adult but girls younger than you are babies which we are going to protect against you". I had sent the article to the newspaper magazine which it answered an article from.

Later that evening, one piano teacher was given one of the slips, and she wanted to know if I could "read music". I tried to explain that the answer was differentiated, but she wanted to know either yes or no.

My guess is: x among musicians hates my site because the conditions prohibit use for the French Telethon which supports preimplantational and prenatal diagnostic to "avoid" - by killing - hereditary diseases. And y - some ten times more than x - have been tipped off my music site "is racist" or just a front for my other "racist" sites. So z - even more frequent - is told by x and y that I cannot honestly have written the compositions I present as my own on that blog "because I cannot read music" - which is partly true and in the relevant sense for the claim sufficiently untrue.

And this noon I was trying to beg on one public street that is also inside a mall. The street is double function. Its being inside a mall might imply the mall owner would be authorised to keep beggars away. Uniquely this mall includes public streets of one Arrondissement of Paris, the First, and is therefore partly public space. According to French Law from 1993 no mayor (of whole city or of Paris Arrondissement), may forbid begging on all of its territory, nor for all of the time. Same law makes "agressive begging" an offense punishable with 3 months prison.

I was seated, I was holding a sign with the url of this blog, I was waiting. I asked the guards of the mall to show me a written decision stating that "Rue du Cinéma, 1er Arr., Paris" was for part of the time forbidden to beggars. And of course also stating that this was only during such and such hours. I got no such written decision shown and told two guards they were doing an illegal thing and if "just doing their job" doing a criminal job, obeying a criminal order by a criminal mall owner.

And of course, such harassments as I have had yesterday and today, and such obstacles to getting my music played - as long as people insist my essays are too controversial to be printed, my music is at least non vocal - seem like a kind of non-obvious captivity for me. Non-obvious to bystanders, that is, but all too obvious to myself. Kind of "let us deprogram you, or we continue" threat./HGL

PS: Two more considerations.

The Parish St Nicolas du Chardonnet has of course not been guilty of the above harassment yesterday and today. It has however been collaborating so as to block my possibilities to succeed as a writer with them and as a composer with them - and since I am trad myself, that means I have been cut off from my otherwise likeliest success so far.

And if the black gentleman of Unis Vers Cités though of my blog as racist, it is not because he is so stupid that he cannot tell one from the other as such, it is because one organism "SOS Racisme" has been attacked on my blog. Not for stating that all French Citizens should enjoy the benefits of French law whatever their skin colour, of course, but simply because they do lots of other quite worse stuff - like supporting the "marriage for all" movement - as in pro male-male or female-female "couples" marrying - and pointed fingers at "the religions" for getting too much involved. As a Catholic and upholder of God's marriage (one man and one woman), I resented that of course and wrote so./HGL

Update of Mardi Gras 2013:

Got thrown out from the public place of Paris within the shopping centre (yes, it sounds paradoxical, but the ground was Paris' property and remains its coproperty, it includes two libraries belonging to Paris and not to the mall, as well as a metro and RER line not belonging to it either).

Rest of Sunday and all of yesterday cool.

Arabs are well informed about what hurts or forwards their reputation, and the Arab in Les Halles seemed aware that he was into fishy business. Also, shopkeepers - small ones, not necessarily shopping center owners - are usually nice. Sunday evening I offered one, an Arab probably one euro for something to eat, he gave me turkey, bread and beer. Worth at least five euros.

And last night Arabs were nice too when I wanted a staircase to sleep in.

However, I have neither asked nor got as yet any excuse from Les halles or from Bibliothèque publique d'information Georges Pompidou. And the municipal libraries block access to a Swedish newspaper owned by non-conformists as if it were sectarian.* One gets to top of page, but all under the top, including the contact page of the paper, is grey. Shielded off.

Being nice for a moment - as in some days by now - is not tantamount to giving up attempts to reprogramme someone - if such exist. The attitude of librarians or libraries computer responsibles is a case in point./HGL

*That was one library, this one I acessed it./HGL

Monday after Quadragesima, continued update:

I was tired this morning. I was thrown out of a porch at 11 o'clock, woken up by a janitor getting the dustbins out, and after getting back to some sleep was woken up again before it was 7:40.

Yesterday evening I was off my defense and let a man talk to me who was older and Jewish looking. He got links from me, presented himself as a physics teacher or former such and seemed shy. I have so far not heard from him. This morning I went to McDo with a benefactor I only just met and granted him a longer talk.

I had a longer talk with one Catholic friend who is not so friendly but very reserved, Saturday. Male, age peer. He sent me off to a conference on Faith - Personal and Collective, as if I needed it. The problem is not whether I should take my faith from Church or not, but whether I should take it from its most recent present and only use the past insofar as my superiors encourage it, or, as I believe, the past of the Church should be used freely and the present not insofar as it diverges from the past. Since I left the conference at the point when the Franciscan said that if the faith could not change the understanding thereof could, I wanted a reaction from that friend and told him. I have heard nothing back from him since.

Physics teacher - male, older. Benefactor this morning - male, older. Friend who sent me to the Conference - male roughly my age. Other man who calls himself my friend and wants Swedish lessons - he got one today - male, somewhat younger. Female and younger? Nah. Now, that is social isolation pushed very far.

I do not have the intention to get remade from a team of men, it is hurting my good mood and even health - sleep deprivation, bad digestion - but not changing one idea of mine. Including my preference for marrying a girl under thirty, even as being 44 myself, including my preference for living off writing and composing (have not heard a thing from either Georges Pompidou Library or Paris Conservatory since I wrote them this and asked for an excuse last week). They are wasting their time, except insofar as they are glad to waste my time and destroy my life./HGL

Newest update [so far], just stats, two blogs last month:

Φιλολoγικά/Philologica 3 feb 2013 – 4 mar 2013

Triviū, Quadriviū, 7 cætera 3 feb 2013 – 4 mar 2013

China more than France? Look at this:

Call me SiMoN !! : The End

Update Wednesday Third Week of Lent, 6th of March 2013:

Yesterday and this morning three occasions coloured people, probably Muslims, have been very kind.

But on another occasion this morning one probable Muslim took a look at my bags in the post when I was away for stamps, although he got back to his place when I returned. Since this happened twice (I went to try to buy stamps twice), there is no mistake.

Yesterday a man who practises no religion but is of Muslim heritage pronounced quite a lesson in front of me, as if I were in some kind of position of power. If I could end the mischief of psychiatry, I would, I have already tried writing about it and so far failed, I have already tried fighting, and am still under some kind of observation.

He repeated a slogan about critical thinking, when he showed none himself about anti-Jesuit calumnies. I think one of the items of whatever network is watching and harrassing me is some kind of concern about my supposed lack of critical thinking.

And others, like the Muslim this morning or like three Muslims on the métro who spoke about "some are in the conspiracy and they want it all" - in my presence though not looking at me right then, I think (I am easy to spot) - are concerned I am in some kind of conspiracy. A bit of openness about my blogs and a bit less of secrecy about what one reproaches me (one could state reproaches in blog comments, if the message is appropriate, I am willing to take debate on quite a few items) might not hurt. Except some who are afraid they or their allies would loose the debate. Of course.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
Nanterre / Paris X site
University Library
Wednesday Third Wk Lent
Update 12 of March 2013:
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I am not sure, but it is quite possible that the man who was nice to me today (I asked for something to eat and got a sandwich, a flan patissier, and a cherry coke) was a Muslim. However, last few days French have been less generous. Markedly so. Are they obeying Muslim friends who are obeying Malaysian or United Arabian Emiratic orders?

Update, day after the Conclave was over:

Le site web que vous souhaitez consulter apparaît en contradiction avec la politique de filtrage des contenus du Système multimédia des bibliothèques de prêt de la Ville de Paris.
Page demandée :
Raison : This Websense category is filtered: Web and Email Spam.

One article on that site, the one I first tried to open, was about the White Smoke.

I complained about this to the Paris Municipality, and said that this was a site many people wanted to consult, that it belonged to FSSPX in US, and that it was kind of Soviet Communistic filtering it away./HGL

I can add that on the site of Marion Maréchal LePen I found three very good propositions of laws: 1) making same sex marriage unconstitutional, 2) naming the constitutional council by drawing of lots from four bodies of responsables instead of having them named by politicians, as is now the case, 3) recognising the Genocide of Vendée. When on same site I tried to open a link to an article by someone else praising Hungary (I am from Austria, so I love most Austro-Hungarian things), twice the internet session closed down. That also smells of something which was rotting in the Soviet Union anterior to 1990, if you ask me./HGL

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  1. And for the moment the url burner o-x is down again ...

  2. I have been back to Unis Vers Cités.

    I got another coffee, I told the guy how nice it was not be be suspected of racism on my blogs, and so I should write that here too.

    However, next five minutes I was confronted with a new guard at the library who was eager to know what I was doing at the university library. He was of immigrant extraction.

  3. More recently, guards at the University Library have been mostly very decent. Stats of the blogs are rising:


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