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Me contra Torell contra Springmeier = Me defending Springmeier

"In the 1995 Newsletter (March-April, Vol.4,No.3) written by Fritz, he makes the following statements on page 8:*

These five tools will help you to protect yourself from the deception of the controlled media. To summarize they are:

1. Learning to unwarp whatever we learn to get back to what is the kernel of truth in a statement.

2. Learning difference between general and specific truths.

3. Learning how probability and statistics can be used and misused.

4. Learning how truth is a balance of opposites.

5. Learning that there are different levels to understanding anything."

I find these points quite legitimate.

To point 1, maybe also 3 John S. Torell says:

"Fritz is telling his reader that whatever they know up to this point, they have to discard and then using his material find the 'real truth.'"

Not at all. He is not say to discard everything on has ever learned, but to distinguish within whatever information, including his, one is looking at. The statement is quite applicable to anyone even those who do not accept his material. Indeed, it is what you with your attitude to him should be doing to his material. It is what creationists do to news (or old news for that matter, already taught in school) about dinosaurs who "lived 60 million years ago", it is what as a geocentric I do myself to photos of "exoplanets" supposedly so far away that the star must be size of the sun and the planet itself size of earth or of Jupiter. The thing is a fact basis may clearly be there and clearly valid, in whatever medium there is, but the story as full need not be wholly true, it can include false inferences or interpretation through a phony filter. Conversely, there are also stories where the filter is clearly true, but the story need not be (when people are accused for instance and a general truth about guilty one's in that area is taken up). That is one way in which Mr. Springmeier's point 2 may be relevant.

Precisely the point of statistics need to be taken into account. Some X are Y always implies that some Y are X. But "most X are Y" does NOT imply "most Y are X" at all. X may after all be very much rarer than Y.

2, not clearly adressed by John S. Torell. But here is how he treats point 4:

"But he then tells them there is no real truth, it is a balance of opposing viewpoints."

Again, no. We are both told to use wine and not to use wine, both to have intercourse and not to have intercourse, in Holy Bible. Depending on what the motive and occasion is. But lies - of diverse paganisms and heresies - would generalise either the forbidding or the injunction, or at least even out to "no real concern for general morals, it is everyone's own business totally" which is not true either. Truth about Muslims are that they come in different shapes and attitudes, from the most Christian hating to very Christian friendly. Saying Talibans Burning Bibles and executing Christians for bringing them to Dar-al-Islam says all there is to say is war mongering of a rather dangerous sort. Saying the Christian or at least Western friendly ones are all there is to be considered about them is a dangerous peace mongering, a reluctance to vigilance.

To 5 Torell says:

"And while a person is trying to find out truth, there are different levels of understanding, which means that what I believe today might not be what I will believe tomorrow when I reach a different level of understanding."

Absolutely not. It is rather like saying that there is the level of understanding of Muslims being different people, the level of understanding that the Qoran is not from God but claims falsely to be so (and therefore is from the devil), the level of understanding that shariah includes certain cruelties, the level of understanding that shariah lacks some cruelties of today's Western world (and therefore attracts some fed up with it), and so on and so forth. Not that a PERSON gets to HIGHER and HIGHER levels of understanding, changing opinions as he goes along, which would indeed be gnostic and against the word of one's yea being yea, one's nay being nay.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
St Marie Goretti's Feast
Beaubourg, Paris

John S. Torell

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The Illuminati Formula Used to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave
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