lundi 5 décembre 2011

Kibbutzim and St Nicolas du Chardonnet

"...and my constant reading was seen as a kind of mental illness. Cultural activities were regarded as a superfluous addition to life. Language itself was looked upon as a suspicious activity." -

The observation was made among kibbutzim, but is equally valid for Soviet Society, for Swedish Common Schools or even Internate Semiprivate Schools - French speakers may(except for language), for Hippie Camps as they exist now, for ... some even of the attitudes I have met in St Nicolas du Chardonnet, among people otherwise supposed to be Catholic Trads.

Of course, they do not look down on Racine, or Versailles, or learning Latin. But a man who has learned Latin sufficiently well to read St Thomas Aquinas in the original text has for some years been treated as an impenitent sinner refusing to bow down to wiser men. Is this an illusion merely of my seing them through what previous socialist company has been putting me through? Somehow, I think not. For if it were an illusion, why would they then have trusted so many socialist lies about me? And if they never trusted a single socialist lie about me, how could they possibly have not, I will not say admired my talents, though others have done so, but simply sympathised enough to do some serious reading and commenting on my blogs. And how come all my close Trad Catholic friends are those I meet on FB rather than those I meet in the parish only or in the parish as well as on FB?

Sure, the parishioners of St Nicolas du Chardonnet would like me to have a good meal now and then, they are not stingy. But when it comes to earning my livelihood, I have not yet had any musician from there play my compositions, except the one where I had taken a dreadful risk in harmony (fourth and triton combined - eeek!) and payed for it as it was played before parishioners, and old ladies at that, instead of before me only, as I had asked for, for that particular one. For the reason that I had precisely taken a bad risk.

Girl after girl there as much as in Socialist Sweden just disappeared from my views, as if the parish had modernist ideals about age difference (when I at last arrived there, just before 41, I was and am looking for girls the right age for marriage, not the right age for being "my age peers"), just like the Social Democrats in Sweden. Just like the people who ran SSHL.

Constant reading or constant internet use or constant meeting people over drinks are seen as mental illnesses - by those synagogues of Satan. I am waiting to get things retracted from parish priests, but I am not exactly holding my breath. I did point out some years ago the US site of SSPX is wrong to recommend sad cases of drunkenness to AA. Just as much as children or young students should not be pushed together with peers of other confessions, under a system of religious indifferentism, neither should people fragilised enough to either be drunks, or regard themselves as such while being it not or agreeing to be treated as such while knowing themselves to be not so./HGL

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