vendredi 20 avril 2012

Can Mott Marry?

None of this is exceptional except when you know that Huddleston is himself a homosexual who says he is waiting for marriage to have sex and his petition is only for those homosexuals who agree. His petition states, “We, as gay men and women, call upon our fellow gays, lesbians, bi-sexuals, and transgenders to consider that human sexuality is ordered to one partner and this in a life-long commitment of marriage or union.”

Where's the Outrage?
By Austin Ruse

Can Huddleston marry? Yes. He can marry any woman he likes if she is OK with the fact that sleeping with her is second best to his at least previous taste and that he would have preferred a man if it were not against the law of God and the Church. Not hoping any relative of mine becomes his wife, by the way. Can he marry a man? No. Nor should he ever hope to be able to do so. God's laws do not change. If state laws do in favour of "gay marriage" as they call it, he will not have gained a moral freedom, since there is none in redefining key points of morality, he will only have destroyed the civil freedom of gay people to change their life for the better by quitting their partner and going celibate or married - as in real marriage./HGL

PS: since I like freeways or rest areas as hitchhiking opportunities and food begging opportunities, I do hope the other guy was either joking or wrong about what is going on at them. I have not found it so.

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  1. "OK, Mott Huddleston is fiction. He does not exist. But then you probably figured that out. I made him up to underscore what we already know, that someone like Mott Huddleston not only does not exist he likely cannot exist in the homosexual community. Someone in the homosexual community who disapproves of sexual profligacy? Not a chance."

    Missed out on this one.

  2. But the last words in the quote I missed do make my point: homosexuality is not a state of human nature, it is membership in a community. It is as easy to quit as Albigensian heresy.

    Since it is a community, it is also taking care of its reputation. Stamping whatever critics they find dangerous as homos insofar as people fall for it may be part of its illicit self-defense.